Cloud & Infrastructure

Technology is at its best when it makes life easier. Your business is only as efficient as the technology it is built upon. Ample storage, speedy servers, and fast bandwidth are critical to your success.
Whether you’re looking to migrate, modernize, or innovate, we can help you realize the power of the Cloud. We deliver value-based technological solutions specific to your business needs.

Plan Today for the Future.

Our methodologies allow you to use the Cloud efficiently and cost-effectively and enable you to reach your goals faster.

We deliver the entire range of AWS solutions and equip your business with the skills you need to stay at the forefront of AWS Cloud innovation.

Mastrics AWS experts ensure your organization has a plan for today and for the future.

Cloud Computing – Amazon Web Services

Cloud Migration

We work with your team to ensure a smooth, efficient cloud transition. Our proven methodology is designed to modernize workloads, ensuring risk-free cloud migrations.

By rearranging your platform and applications, we’ll help you take full advantage of the cloud’s scalability, performance, and cost benefits.

Containers & Microservices

If speed and agility are essential for your software and product development, Mastrics can make it happen.

Along with cloud-native development and architecture, we can redesign your existing monolithic architectures in the cloud, ensuring you meet all business timelines and goals.

Cost Optimization

AWS offers a range of options for cloud resource payment plans.

Understanding the possibilities of your environment is key to cost-efficient success in the cloud. Our experts help you to achieve these goals by enhancing financial visibility and optimizing your AWS architecture. This can reduce cloud costs and ensure more efficient growth.

AL & ML Services

Our experts help you harness the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to automate tasks and free up human capital.

Implementing machine learning isn’t just about developing a model: we incorporate ML to solve your business challenges and immediately realize benefits.​ It’s the smart way to increase organizational efficiency and reduce business costs.

DevOps & Automation

Continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) pipelines are essential for improving software delivery when using a DevOps approach.

A CI/CD pipeline introduces monitoring and automation to improve the process of application development. This is just as important during the integration and testing phases as it is during delivery and deployment.

We provide a customized solution to quickly deploy your enterprise workloads using the best automation tools available, ensuring a secure, cost-effective, automated AWS environment.

Data & Analytics

Your organization generates data every second. What you do with that data matters.

We help you define, build, and implement a customized data solution based on best-practice data lake architecture to deliver on your unique business needs as effectively as possible.

Unique insights can be provided using AI, ML, data analytics, and an effective data pipeline architecture. Depending on the business challenges at hand, these tools can reduce costs and overheads, and, ultimately, reveal valuable business opportunities.